Radionuclide Distribution

The Cyclotron Group provides radionuclides to colleagues on and off campus. For the last decade, we have distributed radionuclides nationally. Copper-64, zirconium-89, yttrium-86, manganese-52g, and cobalt-55 are made and shipped Mondays for Tuesday delivery. Arsenic-72, bromine-76/77, manganese-52 and others are available on request. We are also members of the U.S. Department of Energy’s University Isotope Network (UIN); requests for Y-86, Br-77, and Mn-52 should be directed to contacts at

Isotope Form Halflife Typical AMA (Ci/umol@EOB**)
52Mn 52MnCl2 5.6 days ~0.5 (DOTA)
64Cu 64CuCl2 12.7 hours 1- >15 (NOTA)
86Y 86YCl3 14.7 hours 2 (DOTA, DTPA)
72As 72As(v)OCl3 26 hours N.C.A. (70,74As also available)
76/77Br Na76/77Br 16.2/57 hours N.C.A.
89Zr 89Zr Oxalate 78 hours 1-3 (DFO)


We also make the following standard PET isotopes for daily local use.

Isotope Form Half life Typical Specific Activty (Ci/umol@EOS**)
18F 18F- 110 min. 10->50
11C 11CH3I/11CH3OTf 20 min. 10-25
13N 13NH3 10 min.

Finally, we can provide local collaborators unconventional isotopes upon request.

Isotope Form Half life Typical Effective Specific Activty* (Ci/umol@EOB**)
44Sc 44ScCl3 3.97 hours 1-8 (DOTA)
51Mn 51MnCl2 46 min. N.C.A.
61Cu 61CuCl2 3.3 hours 1-2 (DOTA)
55/58Co 55/58CoCl2 17/70 hours >1 (DOTA)
80mBr Na76/77Br 4.4 hours N.C.A.

Please direct inquires to

* The ISRS-defined quantity “apparent molar activity” is measured for many radiometals with a specified complexing ligand (e.g., DOTA or NOTA). The complexing ligand is shown parenthetically, and measurement are made using titrated solutions of the ligand and radio-TLC.

** EOB = End of Bombardment; EOS = End of Synthesis.