Radionuclide Distribution

For more than three decades, the UW Medical Physics Cyclotron Group has been providing radionuclides and radiotracers to it colleagues on campus.

We are able to provide the standard PET isotopes, 18F, 11C, and 13N on a daily basis.

Isotope Form Halflife Typical Specific Activty (Ci/umol@EOS**)
18F 18F- 110 min. 10->50
11C 11CH3I/11CH3OTf 20 min. 10-25
13N 13NH3 10 min.

We also provide local collaborators unconventional isotopes upon request.

Isotope Form Halflife Typical Effective Specific Activty* (Ci/umol@EOB**)
44Sc 44ScCl3 3.97 hours 1-8 (DOTA)
51Mn 51MnCl2 46 min. N.C.A.
61Cu 61CuCl2 3.3 hours 1-2 (DOTA)
55/58Co 55/58CoCl2 17/70 hours >1 (DOTA)
80mBr Na76/77Br 4.4 hours N.C.A.

For the last decade, the cyclotron group has been distributing radionuclides to colleagues for basic research locally and at several dozen laboratories across the country. Copper-64, zirconium-89, and yttrium-86 are produced and shipped Mondays by overnight Fed Ex Express for delivery by 10:30am Tuesday mornings. Arsenic-72, bromine-76/77, manganese-52 and others are available on request. We are also members of the U.S. Department of Energy’s University Isotope Network (UIN); requests for Y-86, Br-77, and Mn-52 can be directed to

Isotope Form Halflife Typical AMA (Ci/umol@EOB**)
52Mn 52MnCl2 5.6 days ~0.5 (DOTA)
64Cu 64CuCl2 12.7 hours 1- >15 (NOTA)
86Y 86YCl3 14.7 hours 2 (DOTA, DTPA)
72As 72As(v)OCl3 26 hours N.C.A. (70,74As also available)
76/77Br Na76/77Br 16.2/57 hours N.C.A.
89Zr 89Zr Oxalate 78 hours 1-3 (DFO)

Details concerning ordering and other novel radionuclides above or not listed here are available by request to

* The ISRS-defined quantity “apparent molar activity” is measured for many radiometals with a specified complexing ligand (e.g., DOTA or NOTA). The complexing ligand is shown parenthetically, and measurement are made using titrated solutions of the ligand and radio-TLC.

** EOB = End of Bombardment; EOS = End of Synthesis.