Jonathan W Engle

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Associate Professor

Pronouns: he/him/his


Phone: +1 608 263 5805 (Lab)

B1303 WIMR Cyclotron Laboratory
1111 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

Jonathan W. Engle is an Associate Professor in the departments of Medical Physics and Radiology at the University of Wisconsin with affiliations in Chemistry and Engineering Physics. He has >15 years’ experience in radionuclide production, accelerator targetry and radiochemistry, as an analytical and preparative radiochemist in clinical and pre-clinical positron emission tomography (PET) scanning environments, in the construction of automated radiochemistry modules for routine and novel syntheses, and bringing PET radiotracer production facilities from bare slab to routine production and research activities. He has degrees in Religion, Education, and Physics. His interests are focused on radiometals production and novel small accelerator targetry, particularly for the production of positron and Auger electron emitting radionuclides like Zr-89, Cu-64, As-72, Y-86, Br-77, Ga-68, Co-55, and Sc-44, among others.

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